A place where furries otaku's thots and *other* people come to shout OoF worship judy hopp call other peoples moms gay and talk to grandpappy FluxxHD
Otaku: Hey bro you coming to the warren?

Thot: Yeah Bro u know imma about to hit that joint up
by TheOtakuFromTheWarren March 17, 2018
The act of proving something wrong with the simple phrase "I can find an article that says I'm right".
Montana: Hey Mr. Warren, I have 5 articles from BBC, ABC, NBC, and Fox News that says Bill Clinton didn't sell supercomputers to China.
Warren: Well, they're not right, I can find an article that says I'm right.
Other Student: Montana just got warrened the fuck out of.
by Annonymous Student April 8, 2007
a person who survives through the toughest of situations and has the best friends ever. they can get some major booty whenever they want it and people line up around the block just to say hello.
that guy over theres a real Warren I wish I knew him
by psychomarineterry October 31, 2008
Gorgeous, maybe even pretty but in a masculine way. Intelligent, thoughtful, caring, and a damn good shag. The word "Warren" in Sanskrit actually translates directly as "he who is bloody marvellous and can do wonderful things with his cock". A good guy, if you've got one, love him like there's no tomorrow.
Girl - Do me like a Warrren would
Boy - I'm trying, but I'm just not that good
Girl - Try harder, I really need a Warren!
by reallerthanreal October 26, 2011
everyone loves warren. he is sexy, cute, funny, sweet and everything a girl could wish for. warren has an incredibly dirty mind but is still a very nice guy. warren is also brown and has cool hair.
Girl 1: I love him so much!
Girl 2: I know, he is such a warren!
by warrenfuckedyourmum November 5, 2011
The act of worshipping the almighty god himself, The Drury. To convert to Warrenism is the act of becoming a Warrenist. To convert, you must engrave the pec symbol onto your hands and read every Chuck Norris fact but substitute 'Chuck Norris' for 'Drury'.
Man #1: What made you convert to Warrenism?
Man #2: The power of pecs.
by Gerg Wilssain April 25, 2009
an amazing, handsome, wonderful, cute, funny, charming, smart guy who is an amazing basketball player, has amazing eyes and a great, he's really sweet and easy to talk to but has a incredibly dirty mind and feels that it is okay to hit little sisters(which it is not).. but always knows how to make you feel better and makes you smile even after the worst of days. Spends most of his time playing xbox... and is a total nerd, but thats okay, cause some girls go for nerds ;) likes talking about 'penis'. and he is an amazing boyfriend... even though he only gets up early to see his girlfriend if he's getting paid for it :P ... :) but he still makes her feel special.
kat: so what's your boyfriend like?
kris: he's amazing :)
kat: what's his name again?
kris: warren :)