British Punk Rock band ,formed in the end of the seventies, they're most famous songs is "teenage kicks" and "jimmy jimmy".The Undertones first album is "the undertones" wrote in 1979
Punk 1:do you about a new band,the undertones?
Punk 2:Of course,they're nice
by Is|This|It August 6, 2006
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Brought on by either visual or verbal stimulus a sexual undertone is a gesture that can be taken as casual but also sexual or can be something that you say that could be applicable to sex but isn't openly talked about as so.
Biting lip, flipping hair, rubbing ones elbows,fiddling with your ears, deep eye gazing,scratching around corner of the jaw,scratches nipple? Or sayings that apply to moments that are intimently significant that may seem innocent but have sexual implications# sexual undertones
by Chechemakasla March 6, 2018
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When a rich person wants to degrade a poor person, but be passive aggressive at the same time.
Margaret used classist undertones to let her servant know just where that bitch belongs
by steelimus June 4, 2016
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Slang term for 'testicles' - the 'under' part of 'undertones' refers to the position of the testicles in relation to the rest of the male reproductive system, plural because there are two testes.
tycho: Put on a pair of pants, Gabe!
gabe: Why, what's wrong with these short-shorts?
tycho: I can see your dystopian undertones, fer chrissake!

- penny arcade
by paxattendee July 23, 2009
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The male (or female, for that matter) testes.
Jill: Ugh, I hate waking up to goddamned dystopian undertones every morning.

Angela: I know! It's, like, the same with Mike, he totally needs to shave them at least.

Jill: Uhh... what are you talking about?

Angela: Well, you know, Mike's dystopian undertones, his balls? You?

Jill: Roommate watching Fox every gorram morning at 7am... Balls? What the hell?
by RedAlert25 July 22, 2009
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Implied either visually or verbally the sexual undertone is an unspoken sexual tension brought on by the use of words that would cause arousal for both parties without completely obvious sexual connotation
Wow that parking spot is very "tight" I font ever think I'll be able to fit in there#sexual undertone
by Chechemakasla March 6, 2018
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"Jesus Christ! That horse has the biggest dystopian undertones I've ever seen!"

"Doc, my left dystopian undertone done resemble a succulent grapefruit. That seem right to you?"
by yutt July 22, 2009
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