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3 definitions by steelimus

Good, great, correct, holy, etc. The root of words such as sanctuary, or sanctity.
Informal: Dude, that car is totally sanct.
Formal: What a sanct evening we are having.
by steelimus January 21, 2019
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When a rich person wants to degrade a poor person, but be passive aggressive at the same time.
Margaret used classist undertones to let her servant know just where that bitch belongs
by steelimus June 4, 2016
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The ratio of caught to seen Pokémon in reference to the games such as Pokémon Go.
Duuuuude I caught 4 outta five eevees I saw today, that's like a 4/5 CS Ratio, bruh.
by steelimus July 16, 2016
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