A device used to keep us humans dry when its raining, there are also Umbrella Hats.

Joe: "Fuck its raining!"

Tom: "Here take my Umbrella, I've got plenty!"

Joe: "Alright....thanks"
by diseased sheep July 13, 2006
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Def. 1.) A term that is used to say me la pelas in a non-dirty way.

Def. 2.) use it as fuck that shit, fuck it, or fuck you

Girl: "Hey Tim, are you going to do the project for english?"

Tim: "Umbrellas, i got better things to do!"
by boom2 February 7, 2007
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another wprd for a woman's uterus / womb.
you can stand under my umbrella, come into me
by aaausa May 18, 2007
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Rihanna: You can stand under my umbrella -ella -ella -ehh -ehh -ehh

Emo Kid: Woah! Such a deep hidden message.
by PostPwned June 3, 2007
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(noun) - collapsable canopy that protects from the weather
Mike and Fran playing hangman:

Fran's stuck on an eight letter word, Mike starts offering hints: "It's got a crooked handle...before you use it you have to stretch it first...and it's something we can share."

Fran eons later: "That sounds so wrong...ohh..I've got it- umbrella"
by veritasaequitas November 2, 2010
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the use of an umbrella to block ejaculatory fluids from reaching the face.
Johnny: "Stop umbrellaing!"
Susie: "But I don't want your ejaculatory fluids on my face!"
by Patty Mayo May 9, 2007
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where someones head of their dick is way bigger than the rest of their cock
dude, D flore got an umbrella
by jesse jackson April 12, 2003
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