If you come prepared for a situation; most instances the object you brought will not be necessary. Much like bringing an umbrella because of rain in the forecast, but since you have the umbrella, it isn't raining, or won't rain at all.
Ron: Of course it isn't raining the day I bring my umbrella with me.

Mike: Umbrella rule dude, it'll never rain whenever you come prepared.
by baked_12 April 6, 2011
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I was so glad I had my cum umbrellas on, or I’d have been blinded.
by pappasalwaysrollin February 13, 2021
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The act of not properly distributing or layering cheese on a plate of nachos, causing an abundance of unflavoured nachos on the bottom.
by TMSR December 13, 2007
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Miley - Just give me that Blunt and I'll last all night. I wish I had like 500.

Miley - Black Umbrella. yeah yeah yeah yeah we're smoking the right stuff
by Armbar24 May 21, 2011
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The mythical component of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) test that a male would expect when visiting an STD clinic. Involves the inserting of a small 'umbrella-like' swab into the urethra of the penis, and the subsequent 'opening' of this swab before its removal with a sample.

Despite the lack of any solid evidence for the existence of the umbrella test, mere mention of the phrase will leave most of the male population physically shaken and emotionally vulnerable, due to the painful connotations the procedure implies.
After the previous night, Martin knew that he'd probably picked up an unhealthy cocktail of STDs; but there was simply no way he could face the umbrella test at the clinic.
by Mick'n'Keef October 18, 2009
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Group of old women, usually asian, that operate at daytime and use umbrellas for shade. The gang can be seen walking in pairs or groups going to church. They hold meetings in church, schools and local community parks. Take caution when seeing them due to their aggressive nature. Some members have guns and swords hidden in the umbrella handle. The ring leader is the highest rank and usually the oldest. The ranks go by how long their umbrella shaft is. They can be seen usually on days that rain or is hot.
Example 1:
Guy 1: Did you hear about the murder?
Guy 2: Ya, the suspects were seen carrying umbrellas.
Guy 1: I bet it was Umbrella Gang!

Example 2:
Guy 1: Have you seen my grandma?
Guy 2: I think shes been recruited to the umbrella gang.
by Young Money All Day Every Day November 9, 2011
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