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A girl who thinks she is a good girl because she hasnt lost her virginity, but she will do everything else, such as oral sex, hand jobs, the whole 9 yards... but not all the way... she will do everything BUT SEX
Guy#1: Man i cant get my girlfriend to come off of it, its horrible, i have needs ya know?

Guy#2: So she will suck your ding dong, give you hand jobs, and let you finger her in the butt...... but she draws the line at vaginal penetration?

Guy#1: It appears that way, yes.

Guy#2: Ha ha your girlfriend is a But Fucker
by the40yearoldpirate March 4, 2009
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Someone who has horrible game, he prevents every girl in his reach from getting wet. This may not always be the girl that The Umbrella himself is trying to hook up with.. sometimes The Umbrella is so big it prevents your girl from getting wet as well.
Man we were all gonna get laid, and then Eddie the Umbrella showed up and cock blocked all of us.

Man, he is such an Umbrella man, it was raining pussy up in here, and then boom Eddie showed up.... The Umbrella!
by the40yearoldpirate March 2, 2009
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