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When you're getting a Gobby and you feel you're nearing ejaculation, you hold your girls' head at 'balls deep' level so as she can't pull away.

Between the realisation of this AND the hot load in her mouth, she will become slightly disoriented.
Use this extremely small window of opportunity to grab the strategicly placed Cling Wrap and wrap her entire head (ensuring its completely air tight and she still has your load in her mouth.
Tell her she has 2 choices: swallow it and you will remove the wrap,
Or she suffocates and dies.
(For optimal effectiveness, use on one of those rich, stuck up sluts that thinks their shit don't stink)
"Aye, I FINALLY got a Gobby off that Becky slut"
"Yeah? Decent?"
"Nah it was shit, so gave her The Ultimatum"
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by HubsBeats July 08, 2019
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In gay sex, where the guy being fucked reaches their climax, the guy behind him does a somersault above his head drinks up the cum ejected from the fucked guy's penis.
Jacob just used The Ultimatum on me. I moaned so much, I think it made the cum tastier.
by BushLadyNatalia January 13, 2020
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