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1. Babes
2. Beer
3. Beach
4. Bongwater
5. Bacteria
6. Nicorette Gum
The Three B's refer to the three things we all need in life. Just ridin the wave of life, and lettin the surf suck me off. I chew Nicorette Gum whatever.
by Snatch Scratcher February 24, 2019
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beer, bud and bitches (in no particular order)
Before going to the beach, joel and chris made sure they had checked off the three b's. Chris had a 12 pk of sam adams summer ale, joel had a phat sac of skunk, and since they are two fine looking italian bros they shouldn't have a problem pulling the bitches.
by CVesh July 18, 2006
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1. beer
2. bikes
3. booty
"hey what's the three b's in idubbbz mean?"
"beer bikes and booty, alternatively 'big booty bitches'"
by unknownperson_0 August 05, 2017
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