An old Southern American term for sugar diabetes. Most notably used in a Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Kristen Wiig as Paula Deen.
I have what my mama used to call "the sugars".
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The same as darling, baby, bae, said to a significant other or people in general to show affection.
How are you, sugar? I’ve missed you.
Hey, sugar. Long time, no see.
by GlaiGlai July 18, 2019
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When a girl/woman is working a for-profit relationship with a man or woman.
Stacy got that nice rack and car sugaring.
by BigBrainNicky May 4, 2018
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The act of being a sugar baby
Oh yeah Janice just got a new Tesla! I think she’s been sugaring!
by Candycanebaby January 9, 2021
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A form of torture mostly used in prison consisting of mixing sugar and boiling water. Once applied to the skin it acts almost like acid melting it away
That c**t took my burn out my pad last night.... when I catch him he's getting sugared
by TraseSHM May 7, 2009
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Sugars, 'su'-'gars',
su - shutup, gar - garfish.
= A loud obnoxious long nosed wet fish of a person.

Sugars are a negative argumentative group of secretly paid antagonists who act as minions to a master (usually of undeserved status), who are loud and get their long noses into everything to spread hate, sloppy wet fake lies and vile rude remarks about others through online social media.

As a paid group it is a pyramid scheme (or franchise fraud) where the 'Sugar' with the most social media exposure who has the most shocking ripple effect will be paid the biggest bonus, but is subject to cancellation if it causes uproar, which inevitably results in being duly thrown out of the sugar masters clique. Funds used to pay sugars are also money they donated themselves so the sugars have their own ecosystem more specifically categorised as a toxic money laundering cycle system.

In history 'Sugars' did not exist prior to mid 2018.
"Master says if we tell another porky pie or wish something bad upon someone, we will get a huge bonus at the end of the month", said one of the Sugars to the other Sugar.
by boreoffalot January 2, 2022
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1. another word for "kiss"

2. an expression of love
"Gimme some sugar, bay-bee!" Mmmm-maH!
by Jiggy-Fly May 29, 2004
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