verb: to get angry and vocal about it.
<i>Oooh, if he does that one more time, I'm gonna go straight street on his ass."</i>
by mala April 23, 2004
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A way to utilise women’s sexuality as a way to devalue her existance as a human. Commonly used by misogynists.
She doesn’t ‘deserve,’ rights, respect or is undatable as she is “for the streets.”
by Evil Witch 508 July 27, 2020
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a person with the last name street don't take no sh*t from no one. if they are female they are blessed with extreme beauty. but beware that beauty comes with an equally matched anger NEVER PISS OFF A STREET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! street women are at their best if paired with a thompson male
that girl is a street for sure look at her with that thompson
by Sh1tf_ck June 24, 2021
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A-street is another term to call someone a sped without getting in trouble because no one else besides the people in my school will get the joke, the term originates in a certain school that I go to. The hallways are separated into different streets and A-street is where all the sped kids are grouped up in. Also, please do not use this term against any special ed kids, I feel that that is morally wrong and just a fucking dick move. Use it when your friend or someone does some stupid shit in a game or in any situation that's not too dire.
"Yo dude look, I think he was born in A-street"
"Tf are you doing??? Are you from A-street??"
by Supererito August 15, 2019
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in jail, a place less commonly referred to as 'the outside.' apparently where you lived before you came to live there, whether you lived in a house or not.
"yo nigga, i used to know yo ass on the streets"
by Zoe The Dawg May 2, 2010
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