The Stranglers are a great band. Much talent for creating excellent melodies, have been associated with punk rock, though they themselves and many do not consider themselves punk properly. Also associated with New Wave and Gothic movements, but The Stranglers are definitely in a class of their own, unconstrained by such genre definitions. Their bassist Jean Jacques, has a distinctive sound that has been an influence on all the best bassists. They were known to fight their audiences and win, being originally a pub rock band. Very witty lyrics, more subtle than other bands of their time, such as Sex Pistols.
Whatever happened to all the heroes? All the Shakespearoes? They watched their Rome burn...


The Stranglers forever!
by Dick Donkeysaber June 13, 2006
1)A mythical serial killer from Glasweigan folklore. Supposedly the Strangler was once called was a six feet tall imposing figure better known as who was quite fond of an ancient scottish bru known as 'The swally'. According to folklore The Strangler was quite fond of gripping a mates neck during copulation , which he denies was intentional. He was frequently known for stalking his prey into houses then being locked out and sleeping in the pishing rain for two hours. He was once rumored to have even inflicted some pishing rain upon himself. He also betrayed his whole city and refused point blank to give up the swally , resulting in everyone dying.
'ir you the strangler'
by mountvernontechnoforce July 23, 2013
Mk 1: The finest band then and now. Ten albums of evolving, energetic, pulsating, melodic, funny and sometimes odd music. Great then, even better now when you listen to it again, as if for the first time. Cutting edge British classics, probably the most under rated of their time.
by Dick Splash August 10, 2003
Tight-fitting Wrangler jeans.
Your balls will never forgive you for wearing those Stranglers.
by Gary Oldman November 8, 2003
Men's underwear so worn that testicles drop through holes and get the circulation cut off.
Jacob was walking funny at work because he obviously had a pair of stranglers on.
by Scoddy71 November 2, 2016
That's a nice pair of stranglers you got there Michael. Did you buy those at O.J.'s garage sale?
by Hip-Hop May 29, 2006
The act of a female grabbing a male's scrotum tightly with all fingers except the middle, which is inserted into the rectum. It is closely related to the shocker.
Man I thought I was going to get a blowjob last night, but she gave me the strangler instead; My balls turned blue.
by BoxfanWV January 19, 2007