A portion of time that varies depending on the group of stoners. It is often seen as the prime time where all parties involved got the most stoned.
"Man, we don't smoke as much as we used to , what happened to us?"
"I'm sorry man, The Stoned Age is over..."
by The Sesh Gremlinz September 9, 2019
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when you're too blown to know you're in the 21st century.
Seth Rogen went to tokyo and woke up in the stone age.
by barlazuz November 17, 2016
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A period in a persons life, usually during high school, college and/or unemployment, spent mostly under the influence of marijuana.
His sophomore year in college was a real stone age. People called him and his roommate 'Fred and Barney'.
by spaa August 7, 2010
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a phrase referring to a period in time when drug use was rampant
The 19th century was a stoned age b/c: Pharmacies sold cocaine for a dime, used in Coca Cola, to treat morphine addiction (ironic), a painkiller, and a 19th century equivalent of a 5 Hour Energy.

Late 20th century: MJ
by internetite January 12, 2012
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DAMN musta been great...
The Stone Age
Speaker 1: Hehheehhehehehehehehheehehhehhehe........
Speaker 2: huh? he......hehehe........hehehehhehehhhehehehe
by rrlloo1 October 29, 2010
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The age when people walked everywhere and didn't remove trees from the forest.
We're all doomed.
by R to the Nazi October 21, 2003
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