The word that you looked up just to see "buy stolen mugs, tshirts and magnets".
No, the mugs, T-shirts and magnets are NOT stolen.
by Charles McBiscuitshire February 6, 2011
When something is borrowed without asking and with no intention to give back.

Similar to robbery.
Mario: Oh shit! My Nintendo was stolen.
Luigi: Oh no! That is very bad.
by samthemanwiththecan y'all March 23, 2008
When someone finds a real bargain or item for a really cheap price.
Guy 1 "Dude nice car, where'd you find it"
Guy 2 "In the Trading Post, it was only 2 grand"
Guy 1 " Stolen!"

Hometrick 1"OMG girl check out these Jimmy Choo's, they were on sale for $800"
Hometrick 2 " Stolen!"
by Grumple June 18, 2009
A person who has taken too much drugs ex. Ecstacy, Lsd, Crack, Crystal or way too much Hash can become stolen it means people who dont know how to take drugs get their brain damaged permanantly. Symptoms : people who say stupid stuff that dont make sense or stuff that do not involve the conversation or doing stupid stuff.
Yesterday we saw Habib in the street and we were smoking and he came and wanted to smoke so we told him that were going to be bak and to wait for us here and he waited there for 6 hours. Habib is Stolen
by A3sfoors Finest March 19, 2008
They did that shit. And it depends what you mean by “stolen”

Hym “No... That shit was stolen. Look at the chronology of events. He shut everything down. That was a mistake. And it was the Democrats idea. Democrats are full of shit and don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. The Democrats insist on shutting down the country. Then, the Democrats insist on mail-in voting. This was long after we learned that Covid isn’t all that deadly and there is no reason people can’t go and vote in person. Then you have states changing the rules and extending the deadline to turn in votes. Next you have individual instances of people claiming that someone else had voted in their name. So, let’s say I fill out a ballot in my name. Then, I fill out a ballot in someone else’s name. Which ballot should they count?
Neither. The answer is neither because I have committed voter fraud. But how would anyone know the difference? How much oversight was there? And then then you have the rhetoric surrounding the election. ‘The safest and most secure election’ How? How is that possible when, in every other election, people actually had to go in and cast their own ballots? It’s impossible! It is impossible for it to be the safest and most secure election. And before ALL OF THAT you have Joe Biden on some podcast saying ‘We have created the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud operation in the history of the presidency’ and the instructing voters to call his team of lawyers to prevent Trump from stopping them from casting their ballot. Was it stolen? Maybe not. But did the man who said he created the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud operation in the history of the presidency win without campaigning and receive more votes than any other president in the history of the presidency? Yes. And the only way you could believe he didn’t cheat is to, what? NOT take him at his word? Ignore my own lying eyes and accept the statement ‘it was the safest most secure election?’ No. I don’t need to physically pull the retards dick out of the whores pussy to know that she fucked him. That shit was stolen.”
by Hym Iam October 11, 2022
In addition to the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 (Federal law), Stolen Valor (Urban Dictionary) also encompasses the flaunting of prior peacetime military service (by way of hat/cap or other military garb), in order to obtain undeserved social benefits and/or in order to seek admiration, act cool, or be macho. Example: When a prior peacetime service member contracts a serious, sometimes-fatal disease, caused by prior intravenous, illicit drug use and thereafter that service member deceitfully obtains disability benefits from the U.S. Government and later uses a "Disabled Vet" license plate in order to park in handicapped spaces, when that individual's physical limitations are not impaired whatsoever.
Just another case of a parking thief using #Stolen Valor when nothing is wrong with them. A simple case of #Stolen Valor, urban style. He/she is just using #Stolen Valor to get in front of the others. If it were not for his/her #Stolen Valor, he/she would have to wait like the rest of us.
by Unstoppable Karma September 21, 2019