A Spark Plug is a device that ignites the Air-Fuel mixture in an engine chamber causing combustion and piston movement
Arvin: my car had trouble starting so I changed the Spark Plug
Matt: did it fix it?
Arvin: yeah, now it runs and starts smoothly
by Wooferine January 26, 2021
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A woman who sleeps with only inside and outside wiremen, union electricians, despite their marital status. Much like a badge bunny, candy stripper, lot lizard.
Yea, Melenie Zavala is quite the spark-plug. Saw her coming out of the JATC’s motor home the morning of the picnic and heard she fucked the Union President a while back. She really likes to keep it in the family. That spark-plug knows how to jump a cable.
by Fistfull of lighting October 8, 2022
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A woman who sleeps with only union electricians. Much like a badge bunny or a lot lizard.
Ya, Melenie Zavala is a spark-plug. She slept with the assistant dean of the JACT and the Union President. She never goes outside the family. She really likes to get her sparks plugged.
by Fistfull of lighting October 8, 2022
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I was hoping to get lucky today, but my spark plugs are misfiring.
by jammyman January 1, 2010
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Spark-plugging is the drug Trend that enhances the high of MDMA and Ecstasy through the use of weed, it is usually done at seshes and raves or if your just tryna get fucked up.

First Roll yourself a blunt, smoke the blunt until you just start to feel high, put the blunt out and keep it somewhere safe for later

Secondly, take a pill of MDMA or Ecstasy, (in the half an hour it takes to start feeling the come up of the pills, the weed high will get to it’s max potential, when the 30 mins is done the pills will start to kick in and this will ‘spark plug’ the high, making it stronger than usual.)

Once your on the comedown of the pills, you can smoke the rest of the blunt and this will help with the comedown and you’ll appreciate the bud more and you don’t have to worry about rolling as you saved it from the night before.
‘Hey let’s try spark plugging?’
‘Yeah! That’ll fuck your shit up!’
by K June 13, 2019
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(verb) when a sparky dances up on you, bends you over, and grinds your brains out
I was spark plugged last night and kind of liked it.
by Mista Mistaaa May 29, 2010
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When you insert a rod of tinfoil in your urethra, and proceed to insert your erect penis in a microwave.
Dude, after I lost that bet with Cassie she made me do a spark plug. I accidently set an African orphanage on fire.
by sdascoli October 12, 2017
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