Slang chotch term for the nicotein device
Yo chad you got "the ski"
by The brad of chads September 12, 2019
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when a boy cums or orgasms.
My boyfriend ski skied all over my face when i was giving him head.
by lusie August 25, 2006
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A slang term used by DOG men who are desperate for a girls attenion. (This term does not attract the attention of true ladies.)
We were walking down the street when some dustball ski skied at us.
by JoJoMae June 25, 2010
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someone who is or was high,a verb for the words skydreamer , skydream and skydreaming
SHIT, I was skied last night
Damn that bitch is skied
wooaaa, dont get too skied
c'mon henry, we're gonna go get skied
by Joey mah March 24, 2008
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when a girl jerks two guys off at the same time.
What did you do last night? I went skiing with Connie and Jim.
by T February 18, 2003
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Add it to the end of any word...for no reason at all.
"time for a bluntSKI."
"I was drunkSKI"
by Dee2287 July 27, 2005
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