Definition: When one individual leaves the other hanging in the middle of intercourse
Right before J is about to climax - Shannon decides to bail by pull "the Shannon" and go to the mall instead to buy a new pair of boots resulting in J getting a severe case of blue balls
by Slavikoslov March 28, 2015
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Sandwich made especially on St. Patricks Day consisting of corned beef between two slices of Irish Soda Bread. It's named after the Shannon river in Ireland as well as Mary Shannon, the grandmother of the man who invented the sandwich.
The first thing I did at the pub on Paddy's day was to order The Shannon and a pint of Guinness!!!
by IrishMikey March 20, 2021
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The girl in your town that is known as the slut of the county and likes literally any aged man to cum inside her hoo-ha
"Hey, is that The Shannon of the town?"
"Yeah, I heard she lets 35 year old men fuck her."
"I know her sister; she told me that she tried get up on her boyfriend's dick."
"How old was he?"
by K-Dawgg June 29, 2015
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One whom says incredibly and impossible bitchy situational things that ironically come true and ruin lives only to leave the victim of the defined confused by the coinsidence.
"Pulling The Shannon"

The person who is being deemed having pulled "The Shannon" must have said something incredibly mean, such as "you have an old dog anyways maybe you should just put it to sleep."
And then having to put your dog to sleep two days later due to "freak accident."
by beetwit February 4, 2008
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Shannon, where do I start, such a beautiful god sent human being, an absolutely lovely person to be around, who you can count on at anytime and always puts other people first, Shannon’s sometimes may not see the beauty and talent within them so be sure to remind them of it, you’re very lucky to know a Shannon and she deserves to be cared for and respected just as much as she does for others so don’t take her or her kindness for granted.
Person 1: Have you met the new girl shannon yet?
Person 2: Yes, she’s such a lovely person, I’d love to get to know her more!
by victoriat545454 May 26, 2019
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Shannon is a fun loving person she’s very optimistic and cares more about others than herself. There is never a boring day when Shannon is around.
by Paveet April 25, 2019
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