A way of describing that you are taking a dump once a day.
Julian: Dude, I'm back on the schedule.
Cameron: I've been on it since I started eating those cafeteria meals.
by abbott_j October 31, 2009
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Being forced to do something you don't really want to do or having unwanted obligations. Usually refers to a controlling girlfriend.
Nicole wants me to go with her to see some chick flick on Saturday night. It's all one big schedule with her.
by exitflagger April 23, 2008
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Chubby middle age goober, easily irritated usually from Philly, also referred to as scheduling dickhead, prick, homo, ect. Sexually frustrated and some times happy go lucky guy.
That scheduling dickhead have me working late on my Friday.
by COLD BLUE STEEL November 20, 2004
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A serious condition in which one's schedule has becomes inflamed, causing extreme pain, fatigue, and stiffness of the calendar.
Mary: "Hey Bob! Can you do happy hour on Wednesday? "
Bob: "Sorry. No can do. I have a bad case of schedulitis."
by Wiggle_drum February 26, 2018
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List of things in order of when you will do it
Guys schedule:
Morning wood
Look up porn
Search random shit on ud
watch football

by Flantacolisousniss March 24, 2015
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Urban slang for a controlled substance regulated under the Controlled Substance Act. The substances are listed in a series of "schedules" numbered I through V, depending on when it was first subjected to federal regulation. These substances can be found at 21 C.F.R. § 1308 et seq.
"The five-oh came a'runnin' to pick up dem hoppers slangin' on the corners, but dey stopped me, and I had'a'had a little schedule in my pocket I forgot about."
by mcnulty April 9, 2007
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On the regular schedule; sometimes; when I feel like it
I'm on my schedulely diet.
by Mya99 November 5, 2017
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