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A way of describing that you are taking a dump once a day.
Julian: Dude, I'm back on the schedule.
Cameron: I've been on it since I started eating those cafeteria meals.
by abbott_j October 31, 2009
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something you may or may not be put on depending on the color of your skin. this sked-you-hule is an important piece of paper in the deli/pizza industry. if your boss is mustafa, you should just kiss your ass goodbye.
"Hi, Im here for the schedule"
"You are not on this sked-you-hule"
by XjimmyX April 30, 2005
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DC Schedule

Thursday: Think about going to Opera, end up at Gelman Library bull shitting with everyone

Friday: Malmaison for pre-drinks, then Cities around 12:30

Saturday: Somehow ends at Mint somehow, then Shadows at 1am

Steak n Egg is also mandatory after leaving a night club
Person X: Whats the plan for tonight?
Person Y: Look at The Schedule
Person X: Shadow it is
by Jaghi December 12, 2013
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