a sexy, hot and amazing person, sage is the main character and always will be
no person can stop a sage from being the next paris hilton
sage is a bad bleep
by paris hilton the third March 16, 2021
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A word originating from the popular Japanese forum website 2chan. Sage (pronounced "sah-geh") - from the Japanese word "sageru", refers to replying to a post using the word "sage" in the email field in order to increase the number of replies without age-ing (or bumping) the post. This can be used as a courtesy, allowing one to quietly add comments that may not be interesting enough to warrant pushing the thread to the top. It can also be used as a way to show displeasure with the post being replied to.
by Einfach July 17, 2005
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A girl with usually boring features, Brown hair and brown eyes, but is still absolutely Gorgeous! she tends to compare herself to others even though people around her think she's perfect. Sage is usually a shy, sweet, and amazing on the inside, but she doesn't know how to fit in well so she's loud and funny. Sage usually has many guys that like her but wont tell anyone. Sage would like to be friends with everyone but no one really can be friends with everyone right? Sage would help anyone even if their an enemy up, if anyone falls down she helps them up, Even if it doesn't seem like it. Sage usually is very shy around her crushes. Sage is probably struggling with issues in her life but when it comes to school she can always get an A. She probably wants to be the best thing thats ever happened to everyone but if someone tells her that, she'll think its a lie. Sage loves when a guy tells her He likes Her, even if she doesn't like the guy she'll be happy and accept his feelings. Sage usually can tell a persons personel by their looks. Sage probably will have a lot of crushes that think she likes them because of his looks but she can tell when she sees a sweet nice person and a mean nasty one. Sage loves to wear guy clothes. Sage will always help anyone up, even if she's down. If anything bad happens to her she thinks its her fault even if its not. Sage is the best friend or girlfriend anyone will ever have, and anyone who doesn't see that can go F themselves
by BlehBitches January 11, 2017
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A perennial herb that grows wild & also people cultivate it in their gardens. It grows up to 3' tall & from 24" to 36" wide. It's highly aromatic & has blue, pink, or white flowers which grown on semi~cone shaped stalks. It's considered Sacred by Native Americans & has a variety of medicinal uses. It repels deer & is a low~maintenance plant. The top 6"~8" are cut & dried. Many Native Americans "Cleanse" their homes, etc., by wafting the burning sage around in each room & even in outdoor places. It has a calm, sweet aroma.
The sage grew quite well in the garden. I Adore it so much~it smells Wonderful!
by Starchylde June 8, 2016
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A girl who everyone wants to get to know but very few do. You can never tell if you love her or hate her, there’s just something about her. She puts way too much effort into how she looks and it’s obvious she uses her attractiveness to get people to do what she wants. Has a creepy closeness with her family. Probably has long dark hair and is short. Super clever but she uses her powers for evil. Basically her personality depends on who you are to her. If you’re like family or a close friend she would probably protect you with her life, but if you are someone she decides is an enemy get ready to die from her glare. Super ambitious and always wants to win, to a fault cause she ends up using the people around her as tools to win, not people. Some people say deep down she’s actually really generous and sweet and the whole assassin look is a facade, but I wouldn’t know. She rejected me. Likes to ghost people when she gets bored. Probably also drinks way too much coffee. But she’s really gorgeous and clever so she has that going for her.
Boy 1: hey look, it’s that girl Sage I was telling you about.
Boy 2: oh yea, she’s hot. Go ask her out!

Boy 1: No way! I hear if you just look at her the wrong way she blasts you with fire she conjures in her mind!

Boy 2: what the fuck dude...well, I’ll go ask her out then, I can handle her.
by Boyblue23 June 19, 2020
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A beautiful, intelligent girl that you are lucky to have in your life. She is very artistic and loyal, but she is insecure and worries that she isn't good enough for anyone including her friends. She tends to feel left out or neglected she also tends to feel like she is the only one putting effort in a friendship, she does tend to over think things. If you have a Sage in your life show her more attention. But don't let her insecurity fool you she has a fiery temper and if someone messes withs her friends or her, she snaps back! Overall Sage is a smart, beautiful, artistic and loyal friend that you are blessed to have in your life .
by fluffycat13680 October 11, 2018
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