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The Rotten Apple is were you cut up a apple and leave it in a girls vagina for 3 weeks so it gets nice and rotten. Then you eat her out and eat the rotten apples out of her coochie. Hence the name "rotten apple"
Hey Bill!
What did you do last night Jim?
Oh I gave Sally "The Rotten Apple"
It Was Gross!
but she wanted me to.
by MINNIAPOLIS GOON612 February 25, 2009
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An awesome punk rock that meets new wave band. They are a very original band and the lead singer has an awesome original voice
You can't drive. You're retard
No one can drive but me
by Idiot Paranoia July 16, 2004
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A website which helps users find out if an alleged sex offender was a part of their favourite film or TV show.
"I was going to start watching House of Cards but I looked it up on The Rotten Apples and apparently Kevin Spacey is a paedophile."
by mattybb April 22, 2018
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