When you're in 8th grade and a guy grabs your hand and swirls it in a rollercoaster like motion down his leg while massaging your hand towards his dick. He eventually leads your hand to the outside of his jeans and rests it on his bulge. You may try to distract him and reverse rollercoaster your hand to your own leg, but eventually he will unzip his pants and slide your hand in.
I went to the movies with John last night and he got on the Rollercoaster.
by Eltonjuan June 09, 2019
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1; a roller coaster is simply a train on steroids, it is a train that runs on a track excepted it can do all kinds of maneuvers such as hills, loops, corkscrews, banked turns and the list just keeps going

Coasters are becoming better and better to the day because of the "battle" that is going on between theme parks across the world. The goal is to be the park that is known for its coasters, better than any other. Cedar point, a very popular theme park is only popular for its record breaker's. It is home to the first coaster to go over 200 feet, the first coaster to go over 300 feet, and the first coaster to go over 400 feet.

I am very aware that it is "roller coaster" not "rollercoaster" I just had to make it one word.
No wonder this park is so famous, this rollercoaster is incredible!
by Tim Lawson February 10, 2015
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when you know people , a couple , that break up and make up every other day ; that are in love then hate each other the next day ; this word describes their relationship .
amanda and travis have a rollercoastic relationship
by bingowashernamo May 30, 2010
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the thing that makes your heart rate rise to the same rate as it is during sex. no joke. its on a video =
if you had sex on a rollercoaster, would you die?!
by darkXangel July 10, 2008
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When a couple sits on the same side of a booth at a restaurant with no one sitting across from them.
I observed Samantha and Philip rollercoastering at the sushi restaurant on Saturday.
by pip1776 March 14, 2011
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A result from being high or often times drunk. It causes the user to experience a backwards spinning sensation much like a rollercoaster.
I was so stoned last night and I just kind of sat in the corner and had rollercoasters!
by Terrifyer June 26, 2005
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Is a Lame Australian live TV show Hosted by Elloit Spencer a geeky queef emo who only acts excited because of his Ecstasy Addiction he makes jokes also which arn't even close to being funny and everyone he has on the show appear to hate him eg Jade the hot nice assed Movie presenter and the surfing scientist forgot his name there however are some alright shows on rollercoaster and others are just plain retarded and elloit the fag makes cool suggestions which makes it even worse

He also makes segments which he stars himself mostly into which are complety dumb and he can't afford and is to much of a loser to star anyone else into it he also used to have the most infamous saying when the best time of the show was the ending bye for now not forever which it should be forever cuz id love to see that cunt dead.
Zak-mann Rollercoaster fucking sucks i hate the host'
Kyle-ayye he looks like a fucked up harry potter on E'S
by qwerty4eva4 June 09, 2009
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