Where you walk around in a public place with a rocky accent screaming "ADRIAAAAN", and threatening to knock someones ass out.
by pileodank November 2, 2009
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When you punch your hoe in the uterus.
I didn't want no kids so I gave my bitch a the Rocky.
by Morejo December 5, 2015
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When your girlfriend is pissing you off so you play "eye of the tiger" and punch her whilst hitting from behind. Rarely used.
"My girlfriend was being a bitch yesterday, so I gave her The Rocky"
by Roaderz August 28, 2017
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Many people may think this to be an abe lincoln but those people are wrong and will never experience "the Rocky" truly. While you are having sex your dog (preferrably named Rocky {hence the name}) comes up to the man and licks him in the face while the couple is doing it doggy style and procdes to recieve oral from the woman. Also the rocky works best on a hot summer day when the dogs mouth has that white foam around his mouth allowing the man to have a white beard (hence the confusion with Abe Lincoln)When it is all over the woman should have sperm coming from both ends of her body leading to a rocky road ahead (also a reason for the name)
Yeah man we were just doing it when our dog Rocky came over and started kissing me... my wife could not see because it was so dark and I guess she thought it was some other guy wanting to join in so she gave the dog head... then screamed johnny. thank god we were doing The Rocky or I would have never found out...
by jimmy010101 January 15, 2008
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Rocky is a person who is never afraid to tell you what's up. They're 100% real. They make the best friends because they're loyal no matter what, and they'll do anything for you. They have great personalities and are really smart but like to act dumb. They're really talented but hide it and they usually question their worth. But an all around great person. Also, great kisser. Just saying.
Hey, Dude, did you see Rocky today? I wish I had a friend like that!
by RxDecker April 27, 2015
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an epic dog who is superior to any other being and will take over the world one day
He is a real Rocky!
by dannyboy420 December 1, 2019
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An overall great series of underdog boxing movies.

The first one was fantastic.
Two - Four were mindless fun.
Five blew.
1: Hey, man. Wanna watch the Rocky box-set?
2: Alright, but only if we skip Five.
by KewDrew January 4, 2006
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