the robine is a trash roblox warclan based on the combine from half life that loses every raid and defense and always think they are still good. they also can't hit a broadside of a barn.
"lol the robine lost another defense, what a bunch of pros!"
"crap, aquabluejet banned me from c17."
by STOP LoKoinG at My Name January 15, 2018
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Robin is the {essence} of fragility in a man. He doesn't understand the profound effect that he has on every person he meets. His style and sophistication outdo any of those around him. Robin is the only person you'll meet to make you smile your biggest {smile} and understand your deepest of thoughts. You'll love Robin.
Oh, you mean Robin? Yeah he is fly.
by hoodedkelly101 April 02, 2016
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Robin's are very calm and they reflect the nature of dove...Him and his attitude is rarely found in others...People love to chill around with them because Robin make people happy at no cost...Frank,cool,sexy,stylish,naughty,talented,responsibility,kind,love=Robin...Robin is the most loving guy and lovable guy on this planet...Girls get lose when they hear the name ROBIN... :p :D ;)
Love to chill with #robin.
Get Robin Get anything.
by Cherry143 March 02, 2017
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