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lol pronounced out loud, not saying lol by letter "L-O-L" but pronouncing it like a word. laul is used to let the recipient know that you mean the spoken and funner version of lol.
Jim- Hey Jeff did you see Timmy trying to play football?
Jeff- Ya dude, I told him he needed to quit now before women started to think even less of him; witch would make him one too I think.
Jim- laul (tilting my head in the air)
Jeff- ha ha, laul
by Mr. Stereotype October 30, 2011
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what our ancestors said before lol, bfore they evan had computers.
Hitler used to say it, walt disney used to say it, and also a mexican president named benito juarez!
Haha I dich gerade besessen n00b, laul!

Imagine a mouse steering a steamboat, laul, it sounds ridiculous!
-Walt disney

Voy a separar el estado de la iglesia, laul pinches politics no se metan con dios!
by drunkenmonkie2 December 19, 2006
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The most retarded stupid way to spell lol. If anyone spell it like that in a conversation with you wether it be MSN or Yahoo, Either correct them or block their asses until they learn how to not spell it like that. Or you could just stop talking to them in the middle of a convo.
Some Guy: Wanna hear something funny?

Some Other Guy/Girl: Laul sure!

Some Guy: Oh well then forget it then.
by UnknownGuy3800 September 06, 2009
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Making fun of the newbs. Derived from LOL. When saying something such as "duurrrrr!" use "laul" stretched out.
You: I think i can totally hack into that computer using my latest version of notepad.
Me: laul
by da404LewZer February 18, 2004
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A word originally crated when someone made a typo. Such as 'Hooag!' for 'Hooah!'

Hippie's word.
" Yo, look at my leet skillz homie! "
" laul "
" noob "
by GrayFox May 01, 2005
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