One of the United State's oldest Diners. Its open 24/7 and only closses 6 hours a year (early Christmas morning). Its very popular amoung Central High school students, drunks, and the homeless.
Dude, I am wicked hungry! I am in the mood for a Stan-the-man lets hit up The Red Arrow!
by Krolls September 24, 2006
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(or Red Arrowsed)

The art of farting whilst in movement or stationary and then moving to leave a red arrows-esque wake in you trail.
"I just red arrowsed the staff room"
by Mr Betts February 1, 2008
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The act of pulling a tampon from a woman during her menstrual cycle. The man/woman then proceeds to suck the bloody tampon.
That was the most digusting red arrow I've ever seen. It was nearly as bad as 2G1C.
by deprydation November 9, 2009
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The precision aerobatics display team of the royal air force. Widely regarded as one of, if not the best display team in the world. Their most famous manouver is almost undoubtedly the 'diamond 9' formation.
The red arrows use BAE hawk trainer jets that are light, nimble and agile. Their livery is, unsurprisingly, red.
Often use red, white and blue smoke trails to create mesmerizing effects.
Another famous manouver, so exciting it is now used by other aero-display teams as well, is the high-speed pass, whereby two jets speed directly towards eac other from opposite ends of the airfield, seemingly on a collision course. As they meet in the center, the jets tip their wings 90 degrees in opposing directions, and by so doing passing each other with inches to spare.
The red arrows, in displays, are absolutely stunning. Undoubtedly one of the list of 50 things to do/see before you die!!
by Douglas Henderson April 4, 2007
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The act of smearing Tabasco sauce on ones shaft and entering either the anus or vagina. causes great discomfort.

ideal for revenge sex or breakup sex, or Indonesian prostitute sex.

if you are the one delivering the special delivery, be sure to wear AT LEAST one condom.
Hawkie- " isnt that your ex? "

Jules- "yeah..."
Hawkie- "she doesn't look to good, she can barely walk"
BO- "yeah, me and jules red arrowed that slurry"
Hawkie- "poor bitch"
by Bitchnipple October 4, 2009
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As with most office slang, the term "Red Arrow" can mean almost anything you want and fluctuates within the context that it is used. Generally speaking it means to redirect something as an avoidance of taking on a task, but has also been used in terms of a rushed job that requires immediate attention.
"I don't feel like dealing with all this paper work, I'm gonna go ahead and Red Arrow this over to someone else so I can make happy hour."
"This was supposed to be dealt with yesterday, you better Red Arrow this over to marketing ASAP!"
by anothertool August 7, 2007
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A group of low-life aviation geeks who pretend to be the Red Arrows on Flight Simulator X but do a terrible job, yet think they're still top dog and better than everyone else. Usually 75% of the team is made up of pedophiles, downies and underage kids.
I'd rather watch the FSX Red Arrows than this piece of shit.
by WeaponisedAutism September 7, 2020
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