Finally! 38 years after George Carlin's comedy routine, "The Seven Words You Can't Say on Television", the eighth word has been born. The R-word stands for "Retard" which is now banned thanks to state house rallies in Massachusetts, Indiana and Ohio. Rallies included earnest do-gooders marching around with a dozen "differently abled", mentally challenged citizens who are no longer called retarded but were told they were offended by the use of it.

Thanks to the rally, you can hear the R-word shouted at least 900 times a day in middle school and high school hallways.
Welcome to banishment, "Retard"!
"The rainy spring retarded the growth of the lettuce and asparagus," observed Dad one Saturday morning.
"Dad!" gasped PC thug vegetarian daughter, "You're not allowed to say the R-word!"
"Heh, heh, heh, RETARDED!" laughed obnoxious little brother.
by Lizybee March 7, 2010
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It's Retard you fucking snowflakes if you just erase it from existence and keep calling it the r-slur or r-word then people won't know what to not say or what offends people
Some Dickhead : You have a diffrent opinion the me shut the fuck up retard ( the r-word )
by some1withcommonsense March 26, 2021
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A euphemism for the word retarded or retard coined by SJWs who are sensitive and can't deal with a word
You're a retarded retard oh sorry you're the r word an r worded r word
by Boogereater69 March 21, 2021
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An outdated medical term that has been used to discriminate against and oppress disabled people. The R-word is firmly recognized as an ableist slur, and it is respectful (and basic human decency) to refrain from using this word as it can really damage those who fall under the spectrum. If you want to scream and cry about how SociEty🤡 is too "soft" nowadays, go ahead. You're simply projecting the fact that you're a complete, ignorant asshole.
Uneducated middle schooler: Bro wtf, society is so fucking soft nowadays!! like I can't even get away with saying the "R-word" anymore!!!
An individual with tons of bitches: fr...
by MomDestroyer2000 August 29, 2022
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A word that overly woke liberals decided was too offensive. The R-word is called the "R-WORD" for a reason, not more likely called the "R-Slur" because its a bad word... not a discriminating term if you use it to refer to something. Example: McDonald's Ice cream machine excuse is so...r...
Charli Damelio: "Ugh Starbucks is so r*tarted for putting too much more ice then drink in my coffee, the 'Charlie Dunkin Drink' is way better!"

Overly woke Liberal: Omg, Charli, we need to cancel you now because you used the R-word in context of ludicrous and stupidly insane bs!

Charlie Damelio: Exactly...that was the entire point and meaning of that word in my context, and a majorities too!
by MuslimMan6969 November 17, 2022
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