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When a man ejaculates while only having a semi, usually caused by rubbing the penis on the trousers accidentally.

Also caused by being so sexuallly excited, you don't need a boner.
Jennifer: "What the hell is that stain?"

Steven: "Sorry, I premi'd a moment ago"
by Ozzy1993 July 31, 2009

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Doesn't actually exist.

The kingdoms of England and Scotland dissolved in 1707 so what every American refers to as "the queen of Engerland" is actually the queen of the U.K.

She is also the head of the Commonwealth and will never die. We know this because Prince Charles has been trying for years.

Learn some history!
American: "Look! The queen of England!"

Briton: "She's been dead for a looooong time"
by Ozzy1993 July 31, 2009

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