Person A: Ow my teeth hurt.
Person B: You should go see the tooth fairy.
Person A: Oh you mean that dentist, ha ha.
by zaqwerty May 27, 2009
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The Tooth Fairy teaches kids they can sell their body parts for money! Also known as prostitution.
Tooth Fairy: Hey kids! I'm gonna sneak into your room at night and steal your teeth! And then leave you money! Woo!
by amy, yo August 10, 2007
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while banging a girl at your buddies house, you pull out just in time to leave your load of jiz under their pillow. the tooth fairy
It looks like the tooth fairy was here again last night honey.
by jimmy martin December 9, 2003
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a bitch who steals your tooth and your money
mom the tooth fairy stole all the money in my piggy bank and took my tooth and left me with a stupid quarter
by zertzarm March 25, 2009
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During oral sex, the girl bondages the male and straps his penis to a thick rope. The girl continues oral sex as right before he cums,she ties the rope to their door. With the man blind folded, he doesnt know what the fuck shes doing. As he cums the girl slams the door shut having his penis rip off his body. She has herself a free penis!
Emma pulled a tooth fairy on chris for cheating on her.
by chrissoutendijk February 9, 2011
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Shits without a sound and tinkles without a splatter because it is air.
Look under Bevin.
by poo poo August 2, 2003
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