A Pink Panther is like taking a Phantom but you leave a little clue behind that something was there.
I was quite confident I took a Phantom but after further inspection and the obligatory courtesy wipe it was clear that I Pink Panther'd my pooper 💩
by #SoNotAJames November 2, 2021
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Homosexual Male version of a Cougar. An older gay male, usually at least 40 who seeks to score with younger boys in their 20's. He is often a wealthier gay male who uses his money to seduce or score with younger men.
In a nightclub on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, CA:

Ryan: Hey, like why are all those cute boys gathering around over there?
Stephan: Oh, well I heard that like, some sugardaddy pulled up in a Bentley and he's like buying them all drinks.
Ryan: Ah, fabulous! A Pink Panther. I should like make sure he notices how fierce I am so I can get in on some of that.
Stephan: You're such a slut!!!
Ryan: Ya, well he can like take me back to his den anytime honey.
by Sidbo January 10, 2010
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To creep on someone in an uncertain manner; to move in a forward and backwards motion (uncertainly)
Shaina is pink panthering Cody when walking down the stairs because she wasn't sure if she could bother him.
by jar1227 June 17, 2015
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A heterosexual male who uses a homosexual manner to pull women. This is used to such an extent that many people suspect him to be gay.
-Did you see how camp that bloke was, he must be gay.
-Nah, he's just a pink panther.
by Pete July 20, 2004
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An extremely annoying person who tries to force their views onto everyone else without listening to anyone else, calling their opinion "superior". Derived from the Neowin member of the similar name.
That guy just pulled a Pink Panther

Shut up, you Pink Panther!
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A woman's vaginal cavity, or at least what it should be. A play on words derived from the word "Pink," which a woman's clam is often referred to as, and the word "Panther" which is also an animal in the cat family, which is a play on the word pussy, which means both a cat and a vagina.
Jon said "Man that chick's Pink Panther was must of been infected or something, because I'm pretty sure that that cat shouldn't be oozing puss."
by Poop masta flex February 18, 2010
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Two people must be engaging in oral sex. Whoever is receiving the deed must act swiftly and shove the givers head down towards the anal cavity. The receiver will then proceed to drop ass in the givers face, resulting in him or her getting pink eye. (for extra pleasure, foreshadowing the event, hum the pink panther tune prior to the dropping of ass)
Hey did you see Jenny got pink eye? I gave her the pink panther last week.
by Javier Rodrigez April 20, 2008
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