When a man puts his balls on your eyelids and slaps his cock against your face
Tirico: Damn Tanner really gave chody the pendulum.
Louie: thats the ultimate show of disrespect.
by tircmeister September 26, 2014
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When a man is on a swing, gaining momentum, and the woman is on the ground in front of the man bent over. The man then swings down and taps her ass and then swings back, and then when he swings forward again, tapping her ass, and doing so over and over again.
Joe used the pendulum on me so hard on the playground yesterday.
by thedairyfairy August 22, 2008
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When your balls dangle so far you can swing them backwards and forwards like a grandfathers clock pendulum. This allows you to smack a girl in their face with your balls repeatedly.
"Dude I was smacking my balls in Mia's face last night"

"Alan, you did the pendulum?"
by Anal_Fister January 12, 2015
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When you're hittin a dude from behind and both sets of balls are slapping against eachother like a Pendulum
"I was fucking Doug from behind, when our balls started slapping, hence, creating The Pendulum"
by Semen Monster May 21, 2015
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The greatest band on the face of the earth.
Pendulum is a Drum & Bass band from England.
by fdsgfjkfdghslkg September 10, 2011
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A penis that has an extremely big head but skinny shaft. Pendulum Penii swing like a clock's pendulum when the possessor walks with a normal gait.
Man, did you see Jason in the locker room? He has a fucking pendulum between his legs. Every step it swung from 1 knee to the other.
by Shannon A. February 28, 2008
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Pendulum are an electronic drum n bass group originally hailing from Perth, AUSTRALIA. In 2003, they relocated to the United Kingdom.
The group is comprised of Rob Swire (Anscenic), Gareth McGrillen (Speed) and Paul Harding (el hornet).
In 2005, Pendulum released the debut album 'Hold Your Colour'. The album is one of the best selling drum n bass albums of all time.

I went to pendulum live in fabric! IT WAS FKN OFF TAP!
by switchdnb August 29, 2007
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