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The Paint

Basketball slang referring to the key.
Most likely to be used when playing street ball

Lots of bitch ass niggas, like Waka Flocka Flames, like to think that they "go hard" in the paint, when in reality; they do not.
I go hard in da paint, leave you stankin', what the fuck you thankin'
- Waka Flocka

LeBron James goes hard in the paint
by rzhhhh November 04, 2011
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'the paint' is a slang expression for alcohol deriving from the morphemic breakdown of the word "alcohol". Which comes from Arabic al, meaning "the" and kuhul meaning "paint".

The term is usually used by youth and is associated with binge drinking and the irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

'the paint' can also be used to refer to any altering substance, especially paint, glue or petrol sniffing.
Wazzzzzup bra? We gonna hit the paint tonight?

Man i was on the paint bigtime last night, i'll be feeling this shit for weeks.

derka derka derka the paint derka jihad derka
by It's jed baby, all jed. August 16, 2008
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