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A favorite among retro video game buffs and ass play aficionados, The Pacman is becoming a standard of the underground sex scene. This simple to do delight requires the insertion of anal beads into the rectum of your partner. Next, the beads are pulled one by one using your mouth. This action mimics the famous video game character eating the pellets. In addition, fruit preserves, which represent the fruits eaten in the game, may be spread onto the sphincter to enhance the ass-tastic flavor of the extracted beads.
When the beads are in deep,
Why use your hand?
Have some retro fun
and do The Pacman!
by Autistic Pornstar April 11, 2010
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after you have cum you make cum dots on a table and make her lick them up. she also has to make the pacman noise. waca waca!
my girlfriend didn't wan't me cumming inside so I made her do the pacman.
by Pablo Gonzalez Gipson April 29, 2008
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When giving a bitch the shocker, she acts up so you give her 2 in the pink AND 2 in the stink, (the pacman)
I was givin this girl the shocker, she whined about it, so i smacked her upside the head and rammed her with the pacman
by CSISTO October 29, 2007
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