What not to say about the orgy? The orgy is a group of high school kids who grope and kiss each other constantly. They basically have a polygamous relationship with each other. Yummy. Usually includes basic bitches and dicks, like Galadriel.
Damn! Half the orgy is pregnant! Wonder why? Oh right, they ALL sleep together...
by SometimesIwrtiedefinitionsonUD November 28, 2014
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when a bunch of people get together to trade STD's
five or more people all having sex is an orgy
by Swayzeebaby October 13, 2011
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A group of more than four people having sex in the same area.
We had a huge orgy at Bob’s house.
by Swinfough February 23, 2018
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A gathering of four or more people who take their socks off.
Going to an orgy, better bring my feet warmers.
by IRockYourSocksOff November 30, 2011
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Sex party involving many partners
"There will be 3 girls and 7 guys at the orgy next week."
by "Fire" January 14, 2003
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Five or more consenting persons engaging sexual intercourse in the same place over the same period of time. Synonymous with group sex. Common props include drugs, alcohol, toys, etc. but are not neccesary.
Sex with Dick, Jane, and Sally: Threesome
Sex wirh Dick, Jane, Sally, and Henry: Foresome
Sex with Dick, Jane, Sally, Henry, and Susie: Orgy
by always.never April 17, 2007
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Leader of the Market Place Discussion, Commander of BooterDown, and true heir to the throne.
by MrMatty August 25, 2011
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