White, Christian, heterosexual males whom, arguably, caused most of racial, gender, and sexually-oriented injustices seen today.
Though always debatable,it is now pretty common knowledge that, most of the time, whites are known to be the most racist toward other ethnic groups.

Christians, while not a bad thing in itself per se, are often accredited with being blind zealots. They tend to persecute fellow mankind more than love them...

Heterosexuals tend to be commonly viewed as being prejudiced against gays... either by hate or ignorance.

Men have commonly been portrayed as intolerant to respect womens' rights and value them as an equal-- especially on vocational/financial terms.

Combine all these attributes, and you have The Oppressor.
by 5t4rk February 12, 2009
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A flying broomstick that destroy world GTA Online that always annoy alot of people in a lobby
You: Fucking tryhard destroys my fuckin 2million cargo using Oppressor MKII
Rockstar: Buy shark cards
by Aran8276 October 16, 2019
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The begining of the end for fun in Gta online,
also got completely forgotten after his cousin on crack joined the party.
by Iwilleatyourbed January 4, 2021
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A GTA Online player who always uses Oppressor MK 2 and kill everyone multiple times, and then gets triggered if you kill them once
That fucking Oppressor baby keeps on exploding me
by MotherClapper December 6, 2020
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Someone who uses an Oppressor Mark 2 in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. These people are usually players who lack skill at the game and can also fall into the terms of "griefer" and "shitter". These players are widely hated across the GTA 5 Online Community as they are known for killing and destroying players' cargo and murdering people for no reason other than to gain K.D.
Player 1: Oh my god Anthony this guy keeps killing me!
Player 3: Dude this guy is so annoying!
Player 2: Guys this Oppressor Kid is so annoying!
by JVATYT February 8, 2022
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A kid who relies on his oppressor for pvp but in reality he has no pvp skills at all and a oppressor kid also kills and griefs for no apparent reason
Oh you see him he destroyed all of my cargo with a oppressor he such a oppressor kid
by Oppressor kid dictionary January 19, 2021
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Sometimes called the 'broomstick', this vehicle is a staple of tryhards in GTA Online. This vehicle doesn't require a degree in rocket science to use since it is so easy; it's easier than failing your math quiz. Operators of this vehicle have a vocabulary not limited to 'lzzzzz' '1-0' 'ur trash' or '1v1 me beach'
A damn tryhard is flying around on his Oppressor Mk2 killing me over and over. They're such a pussy.
by TheWarHorse100 May 14, 2022
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