== '''The Millionare''' ==
Derived from Millionaire . A millionaire (originally and sometimes still millionaire) is an individual whose net worth or wealth exceeds one million units of currency. It can also be a person who owns one million units of currency in a bank account or savings account. It can also be a person who spends over seven thousand dollars on strippers in one evening. Depending on the currency (euros, dollars, stripper dollars), a certain level of prestige is associated with being a millionaire, which makes that amount of wealth a goal for some, and almost unattainable for others .
"The Millionare" is an urban legend dating back to the late 21st century. As the legend goes...A young lad had traveled many many miles searching for answers to the questions of life. During this travel the young man reached a crossroad and was forced to decide on "''' V.I.P.''', "'''The Shower Show'''", or the "'''The Hot tub '''"...This young man could not decide and purchase all of them, thus creating a new destiny for himself, and raising the bar for every man to ever again visit the Penthouse Club.

This man spent an unheard amount of money. In some towns it is believed that the man only known as The Millionare, spent tens of thousands of dollars on women from every race, size and shape that hazy night on the seashore. Even though this Mythical figure was said to have spent a modest man's salary on temporary gratification, he was still able to depart from this fairytale palace with a grin on his face and skip in his stride.
Over the ages men from every inch of the world have tried to recreate the legend of The Millionare, only to leave in disappoinment, bankrupt, divorced or diseased.

The legend of The Millionare shall be retold for generations to come across the globe, in your town and in mine.
Patron- "That guys tab was $10 thousand dollars!"

Doorman- "Yeah... he's cool...I think he's The Millionare."
by 69Larry Flint July 4, 2008
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A quiz show brought in the summer to up the ratings of Summer TV. The first major step in gaining viewers in the summer. The show was hosted by Regis Philbin on the ABC Network. The show made a return on Primetime TV earlier in the year of 2004 with "Super Millionare". Since then, the show is still syndicated and hosted by a female host.
"Millionare has gone down the drain since Regis stopped hosting."
by Corey Blair December 23, 2004
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When your friend thats tripping on shrooms buys a ton of stuff because he or she thinks they are a millionare. In reality they go over on their credit card and get a crappy credit score after the trip.
My friend who thought he was a shroom dog millionare dropped his credit score from 760 to 430 in one trip after buying 230 bags of twizzlers.
by NaughtyGreyhound317 August 7, 2012
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A televistion show cut from NBC that rewarded cash for answering multiple-choice questions correctly. After answering 15 correct questions the contestant, won one million dollars. The show got old after about a month and it is forever remembered as "That Other Stupid Show with Regis Philbin."
by snorgle October 19, 2003
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When you are considered rich in another country when your home currency is more valuable than the local country currency due to the currency exchange rate between them. Traditionally between the USD (US Dollar) and the TRY (Turkish Lira) 8:1. Extreme examples like USD to THB (Thailand Baht) 31:1 or USD to IQD (Iraqi Dinar) 1,450:1.
Frank: How was you vacation to Thailand?

Carl: I felt like a turkish millionare when 100 USD paid for all my food, alcohol, car rentals, and a 5 star hotel for a week.
by OrdinaryOG June 17, 2021
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