Currency of some middle eastern countries.

Iraqi Dinar abbreviation IQD

IQD...Acronym: Intelligence Quotient Deficiency

Deenar....redneck dinner.
Dinar....redneck diner

Dinarian....person that speculates dinar currency

Dinarectomy....a procedure in which when valid clear concise information is received and the meaning can be understood in its entirety. Better know as an “Ah ha moment”.

Dinaritive....a summarization of the ReCRAP. See Urban Dictionary definition of CRAP

Dinarlings....Women of the dinar chat world
Dinarlins....Southern Belles of the dinar chat world

Dinarist....someone who consistently plays with their dinar
Dinarbrarian....keeper of the guru liesbrary archive
Dinarology....the area of study surrounding the dinar
Dinarologist....seekers of truth and fact, , not to be confused with the practice maintained by most gurus and all pumpers

Related latin terms:
ignorantia crapolus gurus
ignorantius dinarus non excusat
Never buy dinar for a redneck, they will never leave you alone.

compilation of members of IQD BPD
by justpassntime November 05, 2011
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When a group of grown American military males sabotage a unit of Arabian currency (dinar) with a hidden poop chunk and place it on the ground in a well traveled area. An Arabian man wearing a man-dress will approach and look at the dinar he wants so badly, but is too proud to bend over and grab at first sight.

After some reconnaissance and contemplation, the guy in the man-dress will discreetly pick up the dinar as the American males giggle ferociously from the ambush vehicle. This act is similar to the emplacement of an IED, but the joke is on Hadj.

When the Arabian man discovers his dinar is a "brownback", sometimes he will get mad and throw it in animated displeasure. But, sometimes he will smile devilishly and place his new treasure in the pocket of his white man-dress to the shock and awe of the saboteurs.
"Yeah we went out to JJ's last night here in Bahrain and didn't score any ass so we hooked up some poop-dinars for hadj before fucking up some schwarmas and racing off to Jim's Castle"
by Nugget Emplacer September 03, 2009
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Dinar is our god he created everything and creates everything and the solar system spins around his very long cock
Person 1 : Oh who's god?
Person 2 : Well it's dinar of course!!
by Memer42666boilmaoimfunny August 28, 2018
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