The welsh way of saying butt/bud which is short for Buddy
by Abandonedsaint456 July 3, 2016
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pronoun used to describe a female specimen.
syn. girl, chick, woman, ma'am, lady, chickenhead, slut, skeezer, skee-o, bihh,bitch, miss... etc.
Say baht, you talkin bout that cut?
Skinny baht
White baht
Asian baht
by SLiM Cuttah October 22, 2007
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A baht ras is a team based drinking contest where 5 persons face off against 5 other persons. The contest involves the activities of beer pong and flip cup simultaneously. The object of the contest is to shoot all your team's balls into the cups at the end of the table and flip them over; the first team to have all cups flipped over wins the game. A baht ras is typically played underground in a basement; however, locations vary all over the world. For example, baht rases in Baltimore typically take place in small rooms on Law school campuses.
It is customary, in most cultures, to play music during the Baht Ras. Omar Souleyman's "Wenu Wenu" is the traditional backing track to many contests. It is common for many Baht Ras participants to suffer mild heat stroke induced by a trance-like euphoria, yet there have been no recorded casualties directly related to the contest as of 2015 (citation needed).
"Anyone want to baht ras this weekend?"
"I got cleared by the doctor, turns out I can baht ras this weekend!"
by slimchaydy July 30, 2015
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originally used as words like slut. usually now it means bro, dude ect typically in a rude way

mainly used in fights but a lot of friends call eachother baht when surprised or jokingly fighting
"baht u wanna scrap?"

"baht what the fuck"
by whattakinda peel May 11, 2023
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