His milk is delicious.
I am the Milkman, my milk is delicious.”
-The Milkman
by Genevis September 23, 2021
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The Milkman Is A Sexy Necrophiliac, He Can Kill Ten Children In A Flash. I Do Not Recommend Attempt To Fuck With The Cult Leader Or He Will Pour His "Special" Milk Down Your Eyes, Causing You To Lose Sight. His Devote Followers Will Monch On You Like Piranhas.
Person 1: Eyo Bro, I Ran Into The Milkman.
Person 2: Oh Fuck, Can You See?
by milkmans_New_Moderator July 30, 2020
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A person that handles/pleases the wifey/girlfriend, when the husband or boyfriend is away.
That baby doesnt look anything like you. Better ask the wife about the milkman.
by Tony Atlas January 14, 2008
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Looks like the brotha's bringing home the milk again... hes a milkman...
by BlackRose December 24, 2003
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One who delivers the milk for great justice. Seeks to white out the scene until their is no evidence except milk.
by teh milkedman May 28, 2009
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Person bowling last in a Tenpin bowling team, as they must always deliver in the last frame to determine the fate of the match.
Jimmy really delivered in the Milkman spot last night.
by thedhg May 4, 2013
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A guy which when he becomes aroused ejaculates in large amounts
1)You fucking milkman! That went eveywhere.
2)I was with a milkman last night!
by Leo December 7, 2004
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