Something that can be acheived by taking off every zig.
Only to be attempted if you know what you doing (ie. move zig)
Take off every zig for great justice
by Chang Wang November 03, 2003
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Used as an original way to end a declaration, specially good for criticizing, ruling, etc. Taken from Zero Wing (see All your base are belong to us).
by Darxide May 12, 2003
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Something that is impossible without taking off EVERY last zig. In order to take off a zig you must know what you doing. This is the reason WHY you must take off the zig.

Basically, it's like playing a horrible video game. "Damn, that storyline is great... but the game is boring... must play..."
McDoodleBob: So, why should I take of every zig? Just because I KNOW what I do?

Captain: No, take off every zig... for great justice...
by Tookar April 13, 2005
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