A term that originated from Tiktoker chasinn.loot. It is a synonym for “Drip”.
Look at Gabe man, that boy looted!”
by TheGodsOfFortnite June 8, 2021
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When a player in a video game is killed and is robbed for all of their items.
Dude, that guy just looted me!
by minemandemon November 15, 2018
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1. to steal or rob

2. stolen money or goods

3. any money

The three delinquents conspired to loot a TV but were caught in the act.
by Light Joker December 30, 2006
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Another word for “drippy” in terms of style. Originally said by chasinn.loot on tiktok. If you are looted, you will be able to pull any bitch that you pass. You can never be too looted.
“Wow that boy is so looted” -person 1
“Yea, he stole my girl last week because he’s so looted” -person 2
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these are items that mosnters drop when they're killed
the boss didn't drop good loots to be used
by angelusclyne December 19, 2007
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