A new show on YouTube especially naming two main characters named Alex Sniper and Steven Barrington.
Over a rainbow, a Mad Tea Party, Cutting up some Sushi, and Walking to Germany. The Lifeguard
by Alex Sniper June 23, 2010
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The best job you could ever have. Its a wonderful job where you get to work outside, meet new people everyday, and gain valuable experience for later in life. Many people think that guards just sit around and work on their tans. Yes, that is true to some extent, but there is a lot more to lifeguarding than most people think. Guards have to clean the pool/bathrooms/surrounding areas, check chemicals, balance chemicals, write incident reports, perform pump/filter maintenance, clean skimmer baskets, etc.

Managers have even more duties. They must do the scheduling for one or more facilities, make sure that the guards actually show up to work, and in general make sure that everyone is doing their job and that everything is running smoothly. And managers get paid pretty well.
17 year old Manager: I love being a lifeguard. I just got a $1700 paycheck for two weeks of work. I think I'll go shopping after I finish this week's schedule and fire someone.
by Olshan November 17, 2007
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A person that sits around on stand that's fucking hot and gets amazingly, perfectly tanned all day, wears the fanny pack with grace, blows that whistle how it should be blown ;), runs around in slow mo, lives for thunderstorms and save lives like a goddamn G. Best job in the whole world.
you: My friend shawn is a lifeguard.
me: Oooh child, he must be gettin all dem chicks with his money, tan.. and the ability to blow whistles with his mouth to mouth abilities ;)
by hdubb August 7, 2010
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glorious beings who protect and serve the people of the pool. while sometimes mistaken for lazy for basking in the sunlight and getting tan, lifeguards maintain rigorous jobs - often times sacrificing themselves for the wellbeing of others.
a patron attacks lifeguard. lifeguard blocks away.
by grateful patron June 4, 2006
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Someone who provides a reasonable standard of care for adults and children at an aquatic facility, who helps enforce pool rules and rescue swimmers in distress.
The lifeguard told that kid to stop splashing his friend.
by jimbo July 30, 2003
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A real lifeguard works at the beach and keeps people safe from the ocean, not to be confused with a pool lifeguard who sits around and does nothing all summer. Best, and easiest job on the planet. However, there is alot of downtime flooded by hours upon hours of boredom, silence, and isolation. Making $10000 in a summer isn't too shabby when all you do is chase after the most beautiful women in the world, aquire great communication skills, interacting with the public while keeping them safe..and oh ya the best part, rescuing people in huge surf and being a hero. Nothing feels better than someone thanking you for saving their life. We deal with huge waves, broken necks and bones, we are all in great shape, we pull your fat tourist asses out of the water, and change people's lives by saving them. The coolest people you'll ever meet is are ocean lifeguards. They put their lives at risk, to save yours.
Did you hear about the guy at wedge that died?

Did you hear about the ballsy lifeguard that went out to rescue that guy?

It was 25ft.. holy shit that lifeguard is insane!
by anbol October 18, 2010
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The sexual act of the man having an orgasm on the woman's nose and then spreading it around, like a lifeguard would wear sunscreen.
"I totally pulled the Lifeguard on this chick last night."
by E.A.W.D.mike February 8, 2009
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