An immutable law of both the internet and the real world

As the name implies, this phrase is used to remind us of an absolute fact: Leftists and their shills CANNOT meme, and any attempt by them to do so ends up as either cringe-worthy and biased propaganda, or so cancerously inaccurate to the original meme format that it is made painfully obvious that they are either a normie or a shill.

This law only proves itself time and time again, as while right wing chads and even centrist betas can produce good memes effortlessly, leftists, like Tana Mongoose sucking black cock, just can't help themselves, and will at every opportunity attempt to litter their pitiful meme attempts with bias and undeserved righteous indignation.

A possible cause of this is perhaps a leftist's despicable attempts to stay politically correct, like all cucks, and thus they cannot, by their vary nature, produce memes without fear of offending a minority who couldn't care either way. Another explanation may be that, at least for the moment, the right has a high level of meme material in the God Emperor and other meme-worthy figures, while the left simply lacks these heroes on their side, and can only copy the right's healthy meme stock, producing shallow and weak memes with no power at all.

But the most likely explanation is simply this: Leftists have no sense of humour.
Man 1: "Hey, my dude, I just made a meme about Pepe, but then some leftist stole it, and not only removed the joke and replaced it with biased, propaganda filled hyperbole, they also replaced Pepe with Shillary because he's apparently a 'hate symbol'."
Man 2: "Well that sucks, my dude."
Man 1: "Nah my dude, his meme bombed and is getting loads of downvotes. I guess he deserved it for making such a bad meme."
Man 2: "Well you know what they say my dude, the Left can't meme."
by Dankulous Memeulon March 15, 2018
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Creator of the top definition here. Wanted to try and clarify my older definition now that it's been mulling over for everyone a while now, and clear up some misunderstandings. So here we go.

The Left Can't Meme is indeed an immutable fact. But why does it occur? Well the statement has never been an attempt to 'politicize meme culture' as some, left leaning or otherwise, try to posit. It is in fact the opposite. The Left Can't Meme is rather an attempt to POINT OUT the needless politicizing of memes, it being done the majority of the time by left leaning people. The Left Can't Meme as a statement, as a law, has never been about making the case of memes needing to be 'The Left vs The Right', it has always been a defiant declaration of 'The Left vs Everybody, including normal leftists who just want to look at memes'. Do cringy, politically-charged, righteously indignant memes come from people other than Leftists? Yes of course, but the vast, VAST majority of the time when there's a meme that looks like something straight out of a politician's propaganda folder, it's a Leftist who made it. The problem with this law is that it simply will never stop being true, because there will always be people who see memes as a platform for their own righteous indignance, rather than the symbol of humour they were meant to be.

The only thing to be done is for normal people with a sense of humour to point out these political memes and denounce them for what they are: Cringe.
Leftist: >Makes cringe political meme
Rightist: >Makes cringe political meme
Normal human: "These are both equally bad. The Left Can't meme"
by Dankulous Memeulon September 16, 2023
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the general fact that left wing people (under whom feminists, communists, the majority of media outlets, etc..) take themselves to serious to be able to make funny jokes.

this is painfully obvious in, for example, BuzzFeed's "23 Real AF Jokes That Will Make All Feminists Laugh"

this term is used by people who are politically not on the verry left side of things, mostly edgelords, and other alt-right hangarounds
>> dude, why is every tv program so boring?
<< all the media is owned by a leftist clique, and you know that the left can't meme

>> yo, heve you seen that page with left wing memes
<< yeah, unfunny AF
>> uhu, the left cant meme
by รซmbryรถ July 18, 2017
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"The Left Can't Meme" is a statement mocking how those who lean to the left on the political spectrum have biased and unfunny humor. Although mostly used by those who lean to the right on the political spectrum, it is increasing in use, even to those who are uninterested in politics.

The reasons for why people believe 'the left can't meme' vary. Most leftist memes are characterized by lack of a punchline (if there even tends to be one), mocking any opposing political party without reason (shown by their crude drawings of those who are on the right, as obese, gun-loving, and Trump-supporting), and lengthy reading time (with some even putting paragraphs into their memes).
Right-leaning Person: "The Left Can't Meme.. I see this becoming true as the days go by."
by boringpianos April 22, 2023
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Its a insult for the left leaning people who make memes about the left. The insult is mostly used by the alt-right, /pol/acks or simply people who hate the left.
Kek the left try to meme Bernie Sanders into presidency. We all know that the Left can't meme.
by Running in the nyetis May 15, 2017
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Yeah.... no.

The real unequivocal truth is, people from either ends of the political spectrum can make equally dank AND also equally bad memes. To deny this fundamental truth is the equivalent of denying the existence of gravity.

Let's first drop the stereotypes and concede to the fact that there is not a sliver of evidence which suggests your political identity is linked to good/bad memes. That is rather determined by one's creativity. It is a fallacy to assume that memes and politics are mutually inclusive, unless the meme itself is explicitly about politics.

Some individuals are so obsessed with political dichotomy that they become oblivious that a more apparent and broader classification (or way of thinking) exists. For instance, not everyone is into crude humour. It's as simple as that.

If anything, there is a far larger distinction between age groups, than between leftists and rightists, with regards to our ability to create the dankest of the dank memes. Boomers are the only ones that can't meme due to being accustomed to a different techno-cultural climate, hence creating the REAL immutable law of the universe: "๐™—๐™ค๐™ค๐™ข๐™š๐™ง๐™จ ๐™˜๐™–๐™ฃ'๐™ฉ ๐™ข๐™š๐™ข๐™š".
Person 1: The left can't meme!
Person 2: Wrong, the right can't meme!
Person 3: Neither of you are correct. Both the left and the right (assuming we're talking about people in general, and not collectively) are just as capable of creating good memes as they are capable of creating bad memes to the point that such occurrences which justify the "left can't meme" stereotype are merely by random chance.
Person 1: That's impossible! It was known since antiquity that the world revolves around a single immutable law, and that law is that the left can't meme!
Person 3: *chuckles softly* Well, my friend, it appears that you are mistaken. First of all, that is pure nonsense based off an unverified folklore. Second of all, it's actually a law that applies to the entire universe, and that law is ๐™—๐™ค๐™ค๐™ข๐™š๐™ง๐™จ ๐™˜๐™–๐™ฃ'๐™ฉ ๐™ข๐™š๐™ข๐™š.
*Person 1, after hearing upon that phrase, suddenly collapses onto the ground and starts to have an epileptic seizure*
Person 3: Thot so.
*Person 2 is seen running way in the distance*
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian September 15, 2022
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Something that sub human filth from the right says since they don't know anything about politics or real life in general
Sub human: "hurr durr meme of lefty hypocrisy "
Normal person: "heres another meme of pointing out the rights hypocrisy"
Sub human: " the left can't meme!" *sobs*
by I'm superior to you August 30, 2021
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