When a guy pops a girls cherry by headbutting her vagina then mouth ducks her
John: hey chris yesterday I gave emily the killer whale!
Chris: hell yes!
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A cool dude who knows how to pick up women, and has a great deal of sweg.
Josh is such a Killer Whale, he got with 3 girls within this past week!
by abathingjoshy August 21, 2015
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the animal that kids want to swim with even though it has the name KILLER in its goddamn name.
by dannyisjesus November 18, 2005
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It is when you rip off the filter of a cigarette and smoke it with no filter.
"i just smoked a killer whale and now i am so dizzy"
by Luny_Dogg March 22, 2009
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police officers.
law enforcement officers
crooked ass police officers
oh shit here come them killer whales!
by Dem Duece Tre Niggas December 15, 2003
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To be catfished at the largest level. When someone gives the illusion that they appear like something when in reality they don’t look or act in a particular manner.
Bro was beyond cat fished, that guy got killer whaled. Lol 🤣
by KV STATUZ November 4, 2021
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A nonsensical adjective used to describe being drunk, first coined by a certain girl who had too much to drink on a crazy Saturday night with her friends.
R: On a scale of 1-10 how drunk are you?
A: Killer Whale.
by KillerWhale'd May 31, 2011
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