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A sexually deviant manuever in which a man becomes pregnant in the following manner: A man is performing oral sex on a woman while she is ovulating. The man punches the woman as hard as he can in her abdomen, dislodging the egg. The man then slurps as hard as he can, swallowing her egg. Next, the woman performs oral sex on the man until he ejaculates into her mouth. The woman and man snowball until all of the semen has been swapped into the man's mouth. The man then swallows his own semen. In his stomach, the man's sperm fertilizes the woman's egg and an embryo is formed. Nine months later, the man poops out his own child.
Arnold Schwarzenegger got freaky with Maria Shriver one night back in late 1993 and decided to perform The Junior on her; the movie, released later that year, was based loosely on that event.
by Duke Stukel April 19, 2009
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