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A drink by Dr J (junior the forbidden one) made from poachy, aka “the beak”

A liquor/wine supposedly made from mysterious ingredients but perhaps best known for being strongly associated with whatever the hell junior grimes is doing and mentioned in many of his songs and daily life

the drink of poachy , notable for having a beak as the logo, can cause strong and unusual behavior if consumed quickly. Manufactured by junior and his team, so all rights belong to junior grimes ©

Chickens can drink legally but humans must get confirmation by dr J (j bravo, June wick, etc) beforehand

Bosch ©

“I’m into having snout I ain’t into making bosch” -j grimes

“Ret forgive me the boschy got me daydreamin how to act—“

Bosch is a drink that is drunk by cool people only, and non cool occasionally


Word: j grimes (junior grimes)

Status: not yet written nor submitted


Enjoys dancing. Music, drugs and alcohol, speaks multiple languages and known under different names. Definitely “the forbidden one” if looking for a prime suspect.

The ultimate unknown artist, no one else comes close. a true chaotic neutral at times but may vary depending on whatever personality takes over. Grimes is but not limited to being pure malevolent and can have a sympathetic even merciless side to him

Bosch © is a tasty and rejuvenating beverage
by Morganize November 23, 2021
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What you say to junior grimes for any reason
“Yo J what about your Nike shoes??”

“Forget about em

Damn son
by Morganize December 4, 2021
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a boy of ambiguous yet villainous nature. Originated from wherever he feels he needs to be. Often mistaken for Arabic, speaks different languages yet ancestry is likely European but lives all around the world. grimes has English origin yet some of his knowledge originated from the east but prefers to live in the west.

A middle eastern looking white man who speaks French and Spanish yet born to an australian father but moved to America, what the hell even is junior Grimes???????

Girl: are you arab?

Junior; sometimes


Cop; how old are you?

Junior: yes


Woman; are you a billionaire?

Junior: I can be, for reality is what I desire it to be

Woman: *speechless*

Junior grimes (junior the egomaniac) is enigmatic yet charming to say the least
by Morganize November 3, 2021
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To do whatever one wants whenever one feels like it, absolutely no restrictions or regard for the rules

The rejection of ALL religion

Derived from junior the forbidden , aka “junior Grimes
Guy 1: yo what happened to mike? I thought he went to that mosque to learn about Islam

Guy 2: he went juniorism on those ISIS motherfuckers, there’s no stopping him now

Guy 1: jeez man, that’s a bit extreme

Guy 2; yeah well, when you hit juniorism nothing can stop you

Guy 1; right


Sarah: omg have you seen my bible?

Kelly: nope, but you should burn it if you do find it

Sarah: girl your insane! What’s the matter with you?

Kelly: religions dangerous

Sarah: really? Girl shut up

Kelly: your better off once you hit juniorism

Sarah: …..
by Morganize December 3, 2021
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junior Grimes (J. Grimes)

Australian-british rapper singer and PI, and loner outcast individual who’s got a freestyle titled “unknown artist” as well
by Morganize November 3, 2021
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