I seen her she was doing the Jojo then smelled her finger
by Desolation January 13, 2015
A nickname given to the protagonists of the jojo bizarre adventures by the side characters. And also something Dio makes sure to utter everyday before he goes to bed.
Dio: I have given up my humanity, jojo.
by Ruashex March 7, 2020
the best anime including deep themes whilst also showcasing gay Italians in a gang attempting to stop drug trafficking dancing with the sun in order to torture a severed head
Nick : Hey, Jojo is trash
Lopez: prepare to be destroyed with a foolproof argument
by idkijustlikejojo May 22, 2020
the one thing DIO cant stop saying or what every joestars name stars with.
"your next JOJO!" "Jo-Jo we're gonna gonna call you JoJo from now on!"
by DIO and THE WORLD March 26, 2020
Abbreviation of Jojo's blizzard adventure.
I watched some Jojo's last night and it was awesome *chew*.
by Duwang*chew* May 23, 2019
A definition spawned from the series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Due to the series nature of naming everything after classic rock and other musical references, a lot of fans are introduced to new music they normally wouldn't have listened to. To be "Jojoed" is to have the comment section of said song/band raided with comments after a new reference is made, much to the announce of the "Classic" fans that were there before the reference occurred. Not necessarily a bad thing as it introduces people to new music but can be irritating in some extreme cases. Typically occurs in 2 waves, one small when it's referenced in the manga and another in the anime
"Highway star" by "Deep Purple" was recently jojoed after fans of the anime flooded it's comment section.
A name given to an extremely sexy dude who knows how to party.
His name shall be Jojoe and he will be the coolest guy on Earth
by ladiesman1364 October 25, 2010