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the best anime including deep themes whilst also showcasing gay Italians in a gang attempting to stop drug trafficking dancing with the sun in order to torture a severed head
Nick : Hey, Jojo is trash
Lopez: prepare to be destroyed with a foolproof argument
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by idkijustlikejojo May 22, 2020

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Somebody who tries to use Google or Google Maps in 1942.
Typing in how long it is to get to Germany from the United States, America is shocked as the computer tells him to "swim across the Atlantic Ocean".
Burger addict: so uh, what were we talking about?
Tea addict: that's not a question…and we were talking about Germany
Burger addict: *looks at a map of the U.S.*
Burger addict: how long will it take to get there by car?
Tea addict(annoyed): look at a world map
Burger addict: what do you mean, this is a world map!
Burger addict: fine, if you won't tell me, I'll just ask Google Maps! He'll tell me how to get there on top of how long it'll take!
Tea addict: we can't google stuff in 1942, you asshat!
Burger addict: watch how it's done, loser! Going from America..to Germany! I do what I want, biyaatch!
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by idkijustlikejojo May 27, 2020

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