From the game Zelda Ocarina Of Time. There is an enemy called the redeads. Some sort of undead people who when you get too close they scream and jump on your face, and practically hump you. Thus they are Humperdinkers
Alex:So yeah I was playing Zelda last night,and I just turned into an adult.

Steve:Oh yeah adult link is pretty dope

Alex:Yeah its alright....

Steve:Is something the matter?

Alex:Well after becoming an adult I entered the market, and there were all these zombie like creatures. So I approached one to make small talk and the next thing I know the damn Humperdinker clung to my face and violated me!
by BriannairB October 29, 2008
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to embody in all aspects the essence of all things gangsta.
Yo, you got a candy apple green VW Bus on 25's? That shit is humperdink!
by Thunder Jones January 18, 2010
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(n): a beloved, probably apocryphal, female who, according to legend, has taken a vow to relieve Chess Club members of their unwanted virginity.
Marvin is getting dangerously backed up. Gotta get the dude a date with the Humperdink, STAT.”
by Nihilator February 07, 2019
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An old, fat woman who's notorious for speaking her mind and giving people advice when it's least solicited; the kind who's usually president of the community association, makes a lot of public complaints, and starts a lot of awareness and protest movements, because she has nothing better to do, often because she doesn't have a job and is nothing but a housewife with no post-secondary education or ambitions. Think about your neighbourhood busy-body; chances are that she's all but 1 or 2 of these things. (see: Kyle's mom)

A lot of times, she can also be a janitor at a school or department store.
Person 1: Look, here comes Humperdink.
Person 2: I hate that cunt.
Person 3: Me too.
Person 1: Let's look this way and just keep on talking.
Person 2, 3: Good idea.
by screambloodygore October 04, 2005
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one who humps young, obese, little boys helplessly without reason or desire for love.
by monopoly346 January 14, 2010
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giving someone a piggyback ride through a merryfield
"You need a high risk sexual tactic where both parties are oiled up? I'd say go with a humperdink."
by ma jones May 19, 2004
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