1. An adverb used primarily in LGBTQ+ or makeup/drag queen settings to mean that something is in excess, highly noticeable, or overbearing in nature. Somewhat interchangeable with "so much" or even an exclamation point in some instances. Initially popularized by YouTuber Rich Lux and further spread by Jeffree Star, Gigi Gorgeous, and Tati Westbrook.

2. A popular form is to say "clock it the house", meaning that something unfavorable was noticed.

3. Can simply be used to say in isolation meaning: "totally", "agreed", or "of course".
Rich Lux: "She loved Asian men the HOUSE".

Abby: "Did you notice the highlighter on that queen?"
David: "Girl, sister packed on that highlighter the HOUSE."

Jenny: "I walked into the club ready to party. We're talking EDM and neon lights the HOUSE".

Emory: "Wow, that was one trashy performance, sis clearly had no clue how to dance in heels"
Jeffree: "Clock it the house".

Tyrell: "That boys was cute, he had biceps the HOUSE."
Max: "The HOUSE, the HOUSE".
by Ochvozhni March 22, 2019
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An incredible, outstanding, perplexing film written by Enda Walsh on netflix. It features mature, dark story storylines but somehow brings an essence of youth to it. There are 3 parts, that of which in the first part a devil(?) called Mr. Van Schoonbeck offers to design and build a house for free for a poor family but then puts a curse on the house so that the owners of it cannot escape/sell the house ( as seen in the second part). It's a beautifully written animation that I would recommend to everyone and anyone.
Person 1: Bro have u watched The House it's sooo good?

Person 2: ofc I have, do u think I wouldn't watch a film as good as that? What do u mistake me for, a buffoon?
by urfavczenniestaymoatiny December 17, 2022
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A flash game in which you are trying to escape an abandoned house. The game is all about clicking materials around each section of the house. The story is a girl of a family (in which you meet in the final scene in the corridor) has beheaded her younger brother, (first scene) poisoned her mother, (second scene) hung her sister, (third scene) and shot her father (fourth scene) In the final scene you flick on a light switch and she will soon appear in the middle. She then comes close to your screen and when you click on her she lifts her face up to show her repulsive face in which followed by a disturbing scream. You then get a letter reading that she just wanted to be with her family forever (odd way of showing it)
Rich: "have you played the house yet?"
Gordon: "yeah that game was scary as hell"
by HUDeuce June 19, 2010
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Crazy Drunk People, Street Bikes in the Living Room, Boobs, Drunk Bitches, Keg Stands, Beer Pong, kind of PARTY
Friends enjoying life and being themselves.
Needs to be a reality TV Show.
by RussianCruella April 8, 2011
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A building or room allocated for the playing of house music. No poon is allowed
Man, Jack was doing some crazy shit in the house house!
by leeegs May 1, 2011
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1) termiknowledge used to express one's agreement, acceptance of something
2) termiknowledge used to express praise of something.

Other real estate termiknowledge can be used in the place of House House (Duplex, Houses, Igloo Igloo).
Example 1

Person 1: Should've seen me at Cranston Lanes last night. I was throwing some rocks..... Got 3 strikes in a row, wild turkey, baby!!!!!

Person 2: House House!!!!!

Example 2

Person 1: Hey where's the nearest Dunkin' Donuts?????

Person 2: Alright, let me see. Do you know where Reservior Ave Burger King is?????

Person 1: House House.

Person 2: Well it's right across the street, bitch.

Example 3

Bonds' 2002 season was some Century 21 bullshit, muthafucka. Dude was off the fuckin' charts..... Houses to Bonds.
by benpedro October 4, 2003
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"Not in THIS house" is a phrase used to let someone know that whatever they're doing/saying is highly inappropriate. Often used in a joking manner.
Tommy is saying goodnight to his girlfriend at his parents house. An act which his parents mistake for him having sex. His mom pulls him aside and yells "Not in THIS house!"

John: "Dude your sister is so hot!"
Jack: "Not in THIS house!"
by jdizzledinmypants January 18, 2009
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