The Hopper is a strange child seen in school yards. The Hopper is only friends with the dinnerladies but The Hopper craves attention.
The Hopper will go up to the largest group of thugs/bullies/hooligans and say a disgusting lie about THEMSELVES in order to get beaten up. The Hopper will also ask people to beat him up because its attention.
The Hopper is rare and only found in 1/5 schools but once secondary school has finished The Hopper will disappear from view and most people will never see them again.
To Bullies:-
"I shagged a budgie!"
"If you dont beat me up your gay"
"I want to stick my tongue in my mummys mouth then poo in it"
by Adam Clarke August 26, 2004
I know the cops are gone because the hoppers are back out.
by Jim King September 8, 2005
A hopper is someone who dates boys/girls incredibly fast. A hopper hops from different boys/girls. You are a hopper if you date like 2 people in the span of like 4 days.
Did you know Sarah dated Henry then broke up with him? Less than a day later she was dating Krish. She is such a hopper.
by Fat_Moma April 16, 2019
toliet; what you sit on when you take a shit
John is sitting on the hopper.

I'm going to go sit on the hopper.
by Koos Koos January 10, 2007
In an elevator of a high-rise building, a random person come in, in the middle of your elevator ride just to go a few floors up or down costing you valuable time.
Chris: "Late again?"

Jake: "Yeah, damn hoppers make me stop at every floor"
by beladorkid September 12, 2011
Now, you may think ACAB, But Hopper isn't like the rest. Hopper is a cop who will risk his own life to find a young missing boy named Will. He even risked his life to sneak into a Russian base. He also might put some Eggosin a small wooden box in the woods and then find a girl with really short hair and keep her as is "Dotar" as he calls her. Hopper is the best cop there will ever be.
Dude 1: Man I love hopper! He is such a good cop!
Dude 2: I mean, I can't argue with you!
by *Spits out tea* July 6, 2020
An asshole in the game Clash of Clans that joins a clan and then immediately leaves because they didn't get what they want.
Hopper: (Has joined the clan)
Hopper: Promote me to elder or I'll leave!
Leader of clan: No you have to earn it.
Hopper: (Has left the clan)
by Put the pussy on the chainwax December 28, 2016