People named Krish tend to be loud and outgoing, and they can sometimes come off as rude or disrespectful. But the truth is, Krishs are very smart, loving, and caring. Even though they can cuss a lot at you and it may seem they don’t care about you, they do love you. Krishs are incredible boyfriends and will make sure you are happy and that you have everything you want or need. They may seem tough and hard on the outside, but they are big softies on the inside
Ryan: That Krish dude can be so annoying.

You: Hey! You don’t know him that well. He’s actually very kind and sweet.
by 420bff November 18, 2019
The boy name Krish comes from the Indian word which means, "Shortform of Lord Krishna." It also stems from the Hindu word which means, "Compassionate, Humane, Human nature, human being." It also stems from the Indian word which means, "Short Form of Krishna." It also stems from the hindi word which means, "harvest." It also stems from the Sanskrit word which means, "Harvest."
His Name Is Krish
by Proudboy89x June 18, 2010
Cute, handsome , charming , intelligent and best boy u can ever have . He is most loveable boy and will you love you always and will be loyal to you . He is a person who can make you happy at your worst time and will love you. So whenever you get Krish never lose him.
Krish is a handsome boy
by Shristi November 25, 2021
A person who is so sexy and kool that everyone loves. He is so funny that he makes people piss in their pants.
Wow that boy is hot. Hese such a krish
by jacksonR.I.P July 8, 2009
A living legend who kinda lives up to legend. Always stress free and relaxed. Everyone’s inspiration, extremely good looking, fit, foodie…. That’s Krish for u
I just want to be Krish
by Krrriiissshhh November 23, 2021
Krish. He has a huge dick.
Look at the absolute Krish
by Bloop da floop June 23, 2021
A kid who is smart and shows off with his smartness.
Krish can outsmart anybody at Feagin Mill Middle School
by CurryKidMuncher February 22, 2018